Dirtbaggers’ Guide To COVID-19(Boredom) Survival

We have all been gifted some time to dream sweet adventure dreams and plan for the next big trip, assuming the world doesn’t erupt into a fiery deathcano in the next few weeks, thanks to COVID-19. Here are a few helpful ideas to help you navigate through the Coronapocalypse… Follow all WHO and CDC GuidelinesContinue reading “Dirtbaggers’ Guide To COVID-19(Boredom) Survival”

Total Genius: Stormchaser from Salsa Cycles

Holy shoot! In a (gravel) world gone technology mad and drunk with power(meters), Salsa Cycles makes a curiously courageous move: They have introduced an Aluminum Single Speed Gravel Bike. Already there are some nay-sayers out there who haven’t given this a real think-through. Here we have a single speed bike (no shifty bits to break)Continue reading “Total Genius: Stormchaser from Salsa Cycles”

Lil Bits: REI Junction Water Bottle Cage First Look

Recently I’ve been on the hunt for a new set of water bottle cages for fork mounting on the ole trusty Fargo. A seemingly easy task, you quickly find out how complicated it can be to find a water bottle cage when adding a few more parameters other than “does it hold a water bottle”Continue reading “Lil Bits: REI Junction Water Bottle Cage First Look”

Lil Bits: WTB Riddler 45 For Bikepacking?

There are a few individuals out there in the internet land whom claim that the WTB Riddler 700x45c tire is a “bikepacking tire.” Upon reading these reviews/claims, I set forth on my Fargo, rims clad in Riddlers, to find the answer to the question: Is the WTB Riddler 45’s a good bikepacking tire? I’ve spentContinue reading “Lil Bits: WTB Riddler 45 For Bikepacking?”

For the Wild: A BikepackingRoots.com forecast for 2020 bikepacking advocacy

This is some good information, thought I’d pass it on to y’all Dirtbaggers out there. From BikepackingRoots.com: We’re a month into the new year. Here at Bikepacking Roots, we have been working to implement organizational growth to fulfill our mission. A cornerstone of that mission is to conserve the public lands and landscapes through whichContinue reading “For the Wild: A BikepackingRoots.com forecast for 2020 bikepacking advocacy”