Gravel Hall Of Fame??

Good Morning, Dirt Enthusiasts. In a rare departure from the DC norm, there is a post today AND it’s about cycling. It’s even about Dirt Cycling! Before we get into all of that, how have you been? Are you getting those base miles in for the spring season, or are you sitting around watching “Ride The Divide” and eating snacks? Are you thinking about putting your bike in for a tune up at the LBS? Now is the time, keep those wrenches wrenching! Anyway, on to the show…

Gravel cycling is old. It’s pretty young in a bicycle-industry-marketing sense, but despite all the pomp and “innovation” and talks of Gravel being the “Next Big Thing,” it’s been around since bicycles and dirt roads have coexisted. It’s always been a thing, at least since somewhere around the time of the Industrial Revolution.

One group of people recently realized that not only has Gravel Cycling been around for literal eons, but that it was missing a thing that all sporting events invariably produce after reaching a certain maturity: a Hall Of Fame

I present unto thee, the nexus of billions of collective miles of dust inhaling, dog sprinting, rock riding, soul crushing cycling fun:

I’m sure most people’s initial encounter with the words “Gravel Cycling” and “Hall of Fame” pushed up all cozy together brings up a mixed bag of feels. “Why? How? But seriously, whyyy?” Take a few moments to really think about it. There are some modern trailblazers whom un-paved the road to what is known as Gravel Cycling today. It’s not just the riders, although there are many great athletes who have come to notoriety through the “Gravel Scene,” the race founders and directors who dream up these nightmarish tests of torture for us commoners to attempt and the volunteers who help make that happen deserve some acknowledgement. Don’t you want to give these amazing folks a permanent high five? At the Gravel Cycling HOF your voice can be heard.

Click over to the GCHOF and nominate someone!

I’m looking forward to seeing how the initial list pans out, and if anyone I nominated made it. I’ll try to follow up when announcements drop!


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