Long Term Test: Resting

Wow, folks, it’s been quite the summer. Living in a furnace-like climate forced me into a kind of reverse-winter situation this year. It turns out riding in 115 degree weather sucks even more than riding in -10 degree weather with snow and mush. Who knew? My plan for next spring is to buy up someone’s barely-used indoor trainer for cheap and ride inside (mostly) from July to September. It’s a great plan, for certain, and will ensure that I don’t die of heat stroke out in the desert trying to get my miles in.

What have I been up to instead of riding? I took a trip out to pick up the rest of my bikes and cat from my former home base, and I will hopefully be putting some miles on those soon. I spent quality time with family exploring the western states, hiking, swimming, and spelunking a bit. I looked at my bikes a lot, which is something everyone should do when not riding them. I got a job. Yeah, I got a job doing food which has kept me super busy. It’s also all the way across the city, so bike commuting might be off the table indefinitely. It would be a roughly 50-mile round trip every day and to be honest I’m not feeling it. Driving across this city is hair raising enough, and a two hour plus commute home after a 9-hour day…not it. 10 years ago it would have been a cream dream, not today though.

There is quite the backlog of products to test and report on, and I’m searching for a new packable sleeping bag to replace my old trusty Lafuma 650 so that will be an article for sure, and there are ride reports gathering cobwebs in the back of my skull which need to be dusted off and given some light. Until I can get around to all of those things, here is a short review of my current long term test: Rest isn’t such a bad thing. Kick back, relax, and stay safe my friends.


Published by wiz

Nomadic Wizard, First of Their Name, Two-Wheeled Tourer of Earthen Worlds, Destroyer of Equipment, Salty of Word. Vicariously ride through the mountains and deserts of this mortal realm via the scritch-scratching of my modern-day petroglyphics.

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