Age Of Quarantine

I made a commitment to myself that this blog would never have one of those self-excusing posts explaining why posts haven’t been uh… posted. I am breaking that oath.

During this Time of Quarantine life was redefined for us all. The events of the last six months have most likely affected all ten of you reading this, so there is a level of mutual understanding of the situation. COVID-19 draped a cloak of chaos over the world while simultaneously fully exposing the full extent of the fucked up political and social climate created by the world’s leaders. The socio-political discord and feelings of uncertainty about the safety of my loved ones re-triggered mental health issues that had been recently put to rest. I felt the need to withdraw from society while society effectively was on pause for the foreseeable future. Again, I am sure that most of you can relate as we were all on the same boat for that cruise.

The chaos and strife resulting from poor leadership created this new norm where folks could work remotely. I’m still at odds personally about the double standards which put the lowest earning parts of the workforce (grocery and big box store workers) directly in harm’s way while the “professionals” were allowed/forced to work from home. I’ll save my discourse on wage/work/QOL disparity for another time, though. Some of you chose to rise above the situation and use this quarantine time to be driven creatives redefining yourselves, or just getting out all the stuff you didn’t have/take time to do before. Some of you may have lost people or your livelihood. I am sorry if this was the case. I chose to step back and try to enjoy time with my people, the writing wasn’t so important that it couldn’t stop for a while.

While the sickness is not eradicated, it’s time to step out of the fog and take my finger off the pause button. That’s right, I’ll ease back into writing stuff that you may or may not read. Super. I know you were crying for my return.


Published by wiz

Nomadic Wizard, First of Their Name, Two-Wheeled Tourer of Earthen Worlds, Destroyer of Equipment, Salty of Word. Vicariously ride through the mountains and deserts of this mortal realm via the scritch-scratching of my modern-day petroglyphics.

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