Pandemic Revelations

Fellow Dirtbaggers, the world is a very weird place right now. You know this, as nobody is exempt from the mounting madness engulfing the planet. For those who have spent years prepping for the worst, we could be closing in on that day when your perceived paranoia reveals itself to be the one true way. For those who live day to day or have to rely on others, things are potentially very bad. For those of us who are moderately prepared to go camping in the wild for any length of time, it’s been looking like a pretty sweet moment to bust out the gear and break those rusty cages of civilization and ride.

But is it time to spread your wings and fly?

My personal advice to you all is this:

  • Follow or exceed all current CDC guidelines for distancing and sanitation
  • Do your best to isolate yourself from any risky business
  • Support your local businesses if you can, the hospitality industry is basically screwed at this point and we will definitely see an epidemic of businesses being permanently shuttered during the course of this situation if no help is provided, be it from the public or the government.
  • QUIT BUYING ALL THE TOILET PAPER, WATER, AND PERISHABLES. If you are sitting on a year’s supply of fresh eggs or milk, you’re doing it wrong.
  • If you decide to travel, remember that many of the resupply stops along your way could possibly be closed. You need to prepare for this
  • Remember that tap water is better than no water, break out your filtration systems if you need to.
  • Just because you are in a “low risk” category doesn’t mean you can’t spread it to someone who is at risk. Take the proper precautions.
  • Help your neighbors if they can not make it to the store themselves.
  • This isn’t a Partisan Pandemic, and to those still pushing that angle: STFU, look around you, and maybe do something to help rather than troll the internet comment sections. Seriously, don’t be a dick.
  • Of course, make sure you are properly washing your hands and sanitizing surfaces during all of this…and really all the time. There is never a bad time for good sanitation.
  • It’s really up to us as individuals to survive and move past this moment in time.

Ok, now get out there and avoid people. I’ll be spending some of my down time writing more reviews and articles here, and I’m sure in your boredom you will be waiting on pins and needles (from sitting down too long) for more DirtCylist goodness.

But in all seriousness, please be safe in whatever you choose to do.


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