Riddle Solved

Hey, folks. I couldn’t think of anything remotely interesting to write about today, so you get this.

I’ve been rolling on WTB Riddler 45’s for a few hundred miles of desert dirtbagging torture and they have been…adequate. Eventually there will be a write up, but to date it’s been a little difficult to capture the essence of the whole ordeal. A lot of what happened out there was tainted by some other equipment issues and sorting out who caused what…well, there are some grey areas for certain.

Instead of writing a review of the Riddler 45’s, I bring to you today a simple announcement that I have swapped tires on the Fargo to WTB Nano 2.1’s, currently set up with tubes. I may go tubeless after a few trips to ensure these tires can actually do the job before committing fully. I’m not sure the Nano will be the end-all of my tire search. It seems like the least aggressive tire shops around here carry is the Maxxis Ardent, which is a pretty aggressive tire compared to the Nano, and may end up being a better tool for the job for the Nevada/Arizona/Utah/California terrain I’ve encountered.

Yeah, so I changed tires today. Cool story. I’m taking them out to the SoCal coast this weekend to do some riding and camping. Will probably be a cooler story.


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Nomadic Wizard, First of Their Name, Two-Wheeled Tourer of Earthen Worlds, Destroyer of Equipment, Salty of Word. Vicariously ride through the mountains and deserts of this mortal realm via the scritch-scratching of my modern-day petroglyphics.

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