Nice Job, KC

Thank you to Demi Lovato for the incredible rendition of the National Anthem, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez (and their crews) for the sensational half time entertainment, and of course the 49ers and the Chiefs for making this Super Bowl a game worth watching. This household was screaming, clapping, singing along, and glued to the television the entire time. It was a great time had by all.

My Favorite SB54 Moments:

  • Demi Lovato just belting the Star Spangled Banner. She has a super power. Super Demi. We did miss this originally, but the replay was just a rad.
  • Trying to figure out what guitar Shakira was playing. It looks like something from Sully Guitars, but I haven’t found any concrete info on that yet.
  • The great Jlo costume change debate. I was astounded at how fast she went from leather to sparkle, LT pointed out that she was wearing one over the other the whole time. She’s the smart one.
  • I’m pretty sure Andy Reid was holding a Waffle House menu instead of his play card at one point. In fact, I couldn’t let that go. Poor LT, she had to hear the joke about a million times. “Wait, what’s it called when there’s chili on the hash browns?”
  • Andy Reid finally getting a superbowl win, and he was just like “yep, it’s cool, man”
  • Pretty much the whole 4th quarter, KC stomping back through the 49ers like they were a different team than in the first half. In fact, at half time Good Ole Terry I think was the one who said, “whoever opens up and starts playing is going to win this”
  • Charley Day. He will always be funny to me.
  • Cuddling on the couch with LT
  • Not ONE DAMN TIME did I have to hear the name “Tom Brady,”

Keep in mind, I’m not a football person, but it was a great excuse to eat some flautas and hang out with the fam. Next year we have the newly-crowned Las Vegas Raiders to look forward to here. Maybe they will make an appearance at SB55? (I kid, I kid)

Oh yeah, and I rode Las Vegas-Searchlight-Nipton-Primm this weekend and should probably do a write up on that as well. Maybe later.

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