UCI Hints at Gravel Money Grab

There is quite a bit of talk going on the last few days regarding the suggestion by UCI head Dave Lappartient that the organization that ruined…ahem, sorry…. governs road cycling would now like to throw their hat into the ring of Gravel Cycling with a tentative plan to hold a “Gravel World Championship.” Weird, Dave, the Gravel World already has a Gravel World Championship called Gravel Worlds and it’s held in Lincoln, Nebraska by a killer group of folks called the Pirate Cycling League. In fact, registration for the 2020 event is open RIGHT NOW.

I’m going to try to say this as nicely as possible: Dave, piss off with that garbage. The UCI is trash, and one thing we don’t need out on the gravel is trash. Keep your money grubbing mitts out of the pockets of grass roots organizations and racers. We don’t need to be “governed” aka exploited by the self proclaimed overlords of the cycling world.

Expect to hear more on this later, I need to go ride off some rage.

Published by wiz

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