Fuel The Fire: Taqueria El Tizon

This is the first in the “Fuel The Fire” series which takes a look at food for your ride. This encompasses anything from local restaurants to hit to dehydrated meals to bars, gels, liquids, gasses, plasmas, whatever can be used to fuel your fire out on the road. Taqueria El Tizon is a Las Vegas Staple and just a block off the Plateau Passage Route. I’ve named it as the unofficial starting point for this route to Durango, and encourage you to visit if you have a love for Al Pastor. They obviously do.

The following review is pulled mostly straight from my Yelp page where I also pollute the internet with opinion.

When you walk in to a taqueria, and upon peering back into the open kitchen you see Al Pastor spinning on a proper rotisserie, and a grill loaded up with whole carne  asada flap steak, signs point towards your mouth getting into a bare knuckle brawl with some dangerously delicious tacos. El Tizon is such a place.

From the first moments as you ride into the parking lot your senses begin their journey to Taco Overload, the smells of the grill freshening the air with scents of char and what I can only describe as hope. Hope that the tacos were as good as that anticipation. 

Spoiler alert: they are. 

Our first trip was during lunch time on a Saturday and the dining room was appropriately abuzz. We ordered, I’m the only non-Spanish speaking person in my party and I pull a very typical move of a person in my station, trying to order an inordinate amount of tacos in Spanish (yeah, sorry, I’m a “dad” and kind of a Chad sometimes). The young lady taking our order has obvious experience with such chadliness and corrects my order to two tacos. Very smooth handling of the situation. By her, not me. 

My order consists of a pair of Asada and a pair of Al Pastor because… well re-read the first paragraph. My family ordered 10 more tacos and the Al Pastor Nachos Supreme.  Our order took a few short minutes to complete, meanwhile we stocked up on all three salsas, carrots and limon. 

The tacos presented well, the Asada dressed in oven-baked beans, Al Pastor with the traditional  cilantro and onion AND a sliver of pineapple atop each. Can we swear in these reviews? Because all I have is swear words of pleasure to speak of these tacos. You absolutely can not compare a proper rotisserie pastor with the typical marinated and fried version. Both good, but the “burnt ends” feel of the pork shaved from a spinning roast… i say gotdamn. These tacos will destroy your mind. 

My second trip to El Tizon was the very next day. No shame in my game haha. While doing a little course recon for the PPR it was discovered that El Tizon was just off route and I happened to be hungry. Weird. I pulled up on the trusty Vaya, riding through those familiar smells from just a day ago, walked in and ordered an El Pastor burrito (hold the dad/chad comments). I ate the burrito. It was amazing and I think I’m going to go back there after I finish writing this paragraph for another. I can see a long future together, me my bike, and El Tizon.

I highly recommend you visit here when you are in town for whatever reason. There is so much more to the Tacos of Las Vegas than what you find on The Strip. So much more, and El Tizon will show you the way.

PS: the adobo (dark red) salsa is everything. The curious lack of chile toreados was odd. 

Taqueria El Tizon 2

4912 S Eastern Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 228-4966

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