Wampak The Zwift Killer

No, this is not some Sci-fi fantasy short story about a fictional hero answering to the name Wampak who uses its powers of extreme hydration to defeat the giant ugly bib-shorts-only clad beast named Zwift…

Or is it?

This morning LT and I were discussing the difference in the meaning of cold between the Southwest and the Midwest and how back in my Midwesterner days I would have to ride with my hydration pack under my jacket because it’s around -40f wind chill this time of year. Frozen water bottles aren’t a lot of help on long distance rides. We had a chuckle about how 34f this morning felt “cold,” then moved on.

Moments later I get an email from none other than Revelate Designs out of Alaska (real cold). Their Wampak hydration bladder carrying system is back in stock AND GUESS WHAT? It’s designed specifically to be worn beneath your outer layers and uses your body heat to keep that precious water from freezing when it’s -40f. What a concept.

This is a product that will hopefully never be of use to yours truly, as I intend on skipping Actual Winter for as many years as I can. You, on the other hand, may possibly need something like this to ease the planning of your cold winter rides. Hydration is a big issue in freezing temperatures. Get ahead of that game and STOP RELYING ON SMART TRAINERS AND APPS TO “RIDE” DURING THE WINTER.

The Wampak could be your Zwift killer.

Get the actual facts from Revelate here:

ACCESSORIES | Wampak™: Winter Hydration Pack
— Read on www.revelatedesigns.com/

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