PNW Components Releases The Coast Stem and Bar

What a day to be alive on gravel! PNWC has come a ways since they were mainly known for a mud fender and a cool handlebar mounted basket, recent times have found them also developing more gravel-centric gear such as this new The Coast Stem and Ultra-Wide drop bar.

The bar is essentially a super-wide take on the Salsa Cowchipper dirt drop, and the stem is meant to be used in place of your current stem to bring the bars in and up a bit to accommodate for the extra arm stretch akin to such width. I’m not completely sold on this new “bars so wide they don’t fit down a hallway” movement, but maybe I’ll end up with a set of stupid-wide bars to test at some point. Hint hint.

The REAL star of this show, for me at least, is the The Coast stem and its optional (but included) light/GoPro mount. As manufacturers of off road rigid forks continue to forget that many of us Adventure Cyclists would like a crown-mount for our dyno lights, we need a hero like PNWC putting out stems like this. Sure, there are offerings from big manufacturers out there, but this particular stem seems to be the jam for gravel grinders and bike packers who are looking to get their light up and over their handlebar, but also off their bars, AND not have to use some sort of gangly contraption to do so.

Kudos, PNWC, I will be adding a The Coast stem to my bikepacking rig for a test run, and to bring my Luxy bars in a bit. They are also ultra wide and you’ve made a stem that will move them exactly to the position I’ve been thinking of.

From the PNW Components site:

From PNWC:

The Coast Drop Bar and Stem are the latest introductions to the PNW Components gravel and road product line. Coupled with the Coast Stem, the extra width, exaggerated flare, shallower drop and shorter reach of the Coast Drop Bar creates a smooth ride that allows you to cruise and sprint in an ergonomic position. 
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