Behold the New Warbird: Salsa Cycles Probably Nails it Again

I’m a Salsa person. If you know me, you know this. My collection of Salsa cycles was at one point on par with any out there, and one of my favorites was the first year of the Carbon Warbird (I had the Rasta Bird, which is pretty funny if you know me) This was the year they REALLY started firing on all gravel cylinders. I had very few complaints aside from the unfortunate-for-me colourway, I suppose the lack of fork bosses or dyno light mounting/internal wiring was there (easily remedied by using a Rodeo Spork fork or something similar). No biggie.

The Warbird Aluminum was one of the first bikes marketed as a “gravel bike” and seemingly opened the floodgates to other manufacturers’ many attempts to copy or best the Salsa design. Now, over a decade (I think) later this 2020 iteration of the stalwart Salsa Gravel Bike looks to be The One. Take a look at the sweet colors, tweaks, and sick robotic shifting parts that could possibly be another way for SkyNet to destroy the human race. Think about it, an artificial intelligence that would know when to cause fatal mechanicals on a bike clearly meant to be ridden by only the strongest of body, mind, and wallet that the human race has to offer.


Introducing the Salsa Warbird gravel bike lineup for 2020.

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