It Is PPR Time!

This week I will be packing up my bike for some good ole fashioned DIRTBAGGING! All of the Plateau Passage Route Recon (which you can read about HERE, HERE, and HERE) will culminate in an attempt to complete the 500km first leg from Las Vegas to Cedar City, UT. This will be a straight out attempt with a sag back, unless I’m feeling real frisky and want to ride the trail in reverse to Mesquite then highway home, and will take place from early Thursday morning, January 16 to Sunday, January 19.

Segment 1

The Stoke Level is off the charts , and it’s a little difficult to focus on the fact that there is still prep that needs to be done and there are a few key pieces of equipment missing. My seat pack, handlebar pack, Anything Cages, and a few other things I would need for this trip are safely locked away in storage a thousand miles away, and the person who has access to this is out of town. I am working out a way to solve this little issue as cheaply as possible, but I will most likely end up purchasing a set of Blackburn Outpost fork racks and using a backpack for all of my light gear. As much as I’d like to throw down on a Terrapin 14L in Crush and a new Sweetroll, it’s just not in the cards and honestly it’s way too late in the game for such nonsense. RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG is the old saying, and since I didn’t have the foresight to put all of my bikepacking gear with my Fargo to all be shipped together when needed, this is my life now. Wearing a backpack on a bike. lol. Pre-historic bike packing, before the land of specialty seat packs lol.

Well, it’s time to get my happy self back to planning and packing. The weather looks to be pretty brisk but sunny, so that’s good. Going to be a lot of cold desert nights, and hopefully one morning I’ll wake up with one of those cute lizards cuddled up to my sleeping bag. I’ve been wanting a good wilderness travel companion. One can only hope.

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