Dirtier Than A Kanza

Well, folks, registration for Dirty Kanza is live and already in “lottery” mode, and the internet bashing of this stalwart Gravel Race is live as well. In fact, it was through Consummate Hater Hero/Graphic Design Guru BicyclePubes‘ (or is it Pubes’s?) Instagram that I personally found out about Dirty Kanz….ahhhhhh wait a minute. It’s the Garmin Dirty Kanza now. Oof, don’t want to botch up the sponsorship mentions.

used without pubemission

With an undeniable air of artistry, BicyclePubes once again blows the lid off of a giant in the cycling world, an event that attracts about a million riders to desolate yet welcoming Emporia, Kansas. While I get the humor joke in the post, it’s worth noting that Jim Cummins is a pretty rad dude, that the town of Emporia probably gets a nice financial boost from all the folks filtering in to race, spectate, support, or do whatever else is going on in town that isn’t DK related. I’m sure there’s probably something…

I lost track of what I was going to say in this post, please excuse me I just started a new training regimen/diet and it’s so far netted me some even shorter attention and a very fuzzy brain.

I guess go check out bicyclepubes on Instagram. Some funny stuff, and some shitty comments from followers. Also, go race DirtyKanza if you’d like. Don’t let the internet shame you into avoiding a perfectly good bike thing.

By the way, my bike blog is DEFINITELY not popular enough to get me a favor with the Gods Of DK. Just sayin #GrassestOfRoots

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