Obligatory New Year Post

As a few of you know, my personal 2020 can probably not top the dumpsterfiredness of 2019. Although I don’t want to tempt the universe to have some otherworldly being hold its metaphysical beer whilst it takes another shot at killing me, it’s out there in the ether now. Of course 2019 in my 18″ ended the exact opposite of its start: good, and I’m absolutely certain that the trajectory will remain on the upward cycle, regardless of who holds the Beverage Of The Universe.

AS FOR YOU, my dearest reader, I genuinely hope that you have had a happy new year so far (we are on Day 2 as of this writing), and also the opportunity to make the next 363 days as good or better than the first two have been. Everyone deserves happiness to whatever extent they are willing to accept it, so live life with the intention of accepting a shit load of happiness. Trust me, it’s not the worst way to approach things.

Now, let’s talk about plans and resolutions… Certainly you have already sat down with the 2020 calendar and planned every single day of your life out? Yeah, I haven’t either, although quite a bit of it is tentatively set. What are your goals? What are the events that have you stoked to put some miles in? What gear do you hope to acquire? How may miles do you want to ride? Are you going to do some fun cross-training like hiking or running or even snowshoeing? Is this going to be your most incredible bike year ever, or are you taking a little time off the saddle? Where do you want to go camping? Want to start a blog? Think about it, write that shit down, and work towards those goals.

My personal goals are 12,000 miles in the saddle, 2020 miles on foot (preferably not walking my bike with an un-fixable flat), losing the weight I had lost in 2018 before depression binge eating stacked it back on, the Iowa Wind And Rock gravel race, Complete both the PPR (duh) and my original trek which landed me here, crossing the US. I’ll be spending as much quality time as I can with my people all over the country, and hopefully making more new friends in all these travels. My biggest goal, though, is to spread joy to all who accept it from my general direction. Yes, that means you, too.

Happy New Year to you all, let’s make the coming days some of the most adventurous and fun-filled of our lives.

Celebrating the new year on a Jan 1 hike with LT

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