Welcome To WizWords

Over the years I’ve done a lot of blogging, from food blogs to bike blogs to guest posts and contributions on business blogs to reviews, recipes, fiction, travel writing, etc. WizWords is meant to be a place to play host to all of my future personal writing, without the boundaries of genre specificity.

To this end, I will be wafting away the “new blog smell” which plagues every site fresh off the assembly line by NOT including whimsical bullshit like what I hope to achieve or what subjects will be covered here. I hate that shit, as guilty of it as I’ve been in the past. This is simply a blog. Things will be written. There might be a picture or two. It remains to be seen.

Think of WizWords as free form pseudo-art for people who get a satisfying jolt out of trying a different brand of peanut butter. If you are of the ilk who require effort to be entertained… this may be my last post you need to skate your eyeballs across. Everyone else, buckle up and prepare to go from creamy to chunky.

Published by wiz

Nomadic Wizard, First of Their Name, Two-Wheeled Tourer of Earthen Worlds, Destroyer of Equipment, Salty of Word. Vicariously ride through the mountains and deserts of this mortal realm via the scritch-scratching of my modern-day petroglyphics.

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